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For FY2022-2023 our learning & social events have an open invite to prospects to join. If you qualify and would like to find out more, please get in touch.


Climb to Change a Life 2019

Climb to Change a Life 2019 was successfully held with nearly 100 volunteers assisting 17 participants with limited mobility, including 12 children, 1 adult and 4 para triathlons. The purpose of this initiative  is to empower children with limited mobility across Asia.

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Christmas Parties

Every year we get together to celebrate Christmas and make sure to make this a special night to catch up, have dinner and drinks. Our chapter is very united and we have a tight knitted community and we think of each other as our family in Beijing.


Chapter Dinners

We often get together to grab dinner and catch up. We aim to make these meetups very special and different each time.

Monthly Socials

We have at least one monthly social event to stay connected and build those life-enhancing and life-long relationships. 

Whether it be the best party ever, a relaxed evening meal or a picnic in the park, our socials are a great opportunity to simply talk, connect and have fun. 

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Learning Events

Learning events are opportunities for self-discovery, learning hard skills for business, transferable capabilities from other industries or empowering company teams.


Over the past years, examples of our learning events include advanced negotiation training with the leading hostage negotiator from the UK, leadership and communication training for senior managers from members' companies, a holographic conversation with Steve Wozniak, a panel discussion on business-growth with new members and 

Strategy Summits

Upon initiation of every fiscal year, our board members get together to define the objectives of the year and the strategies that will be implemented to achieve them. It is a very enriching session and it is a space where members can be creative, dare to dream to give direction to what the upcoming year will bring to the chapter.

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